When you place your trust in a professional, you rely upon their skill and expertise to handle your matter correctly. If that trust is not repaid, perhaps by the professional failing to meet professional standards or through other negligent conduct, it can have serious consequences for you or for your business.

Property transactions may involve many different kinds of professional, such as:

  • Surveyors
  • Valuers
  • Solicitors
  • Conveyancers
  • Estate agents
  • Financial advisors
  • Auctioneers

Where financial detriment has resulted from reliance on a property professional’s negligent advice or conduct, you or your business may be able to recover compensation for the financial harm it has suffered. Luscombe Gray can guide you and help you or your business to claim this financial redress.

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Negligence claims and property professionals

Property professionals comprise a diverse group of different disciplines and each will be subject to their own professional compliance and regulation bodies. However, whilst required professional standards may differ, the same principles of negligence law will apply to them universally.

To be negligent, a property professional must have owed you or your business a duty of care and breached this duty through their conduct. It must then be established that you or your business suffered a loss as a result of this breach, which would have been reasonably foreseeable as a consequence of the breach.

In broad terms, a breach of duty will result where the professional’s acts or omissions are such that their conduct falls short of the standards required of a reasonably competent member of their profession. Higher standards may be
imposed where the professional in question holds themselves out as a specialist in a particular field.

Building a professional negligence case can be challenging and requires sound analysis, objective assessment, and usually gathering a large amount of evidence. The burden of proof will be upon you or your business to demonstrate that a professional has been negligent and that this has caused you or your business financial harm.

Luscombe Gray can assist with every aspect of a professional negligence claim against a property professional. We will advise you on the strength and prospects of your claim, and – where you wish to proceed further – provide legal representation and expert handling of your case. Our expertise ensures your claim is brought it to the best possible conclusion.

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