Disputes involving party walls on your property raise similar issues to other kinds of boundary dispute. However, party walls are subject to greater statutory regulation under the Party Walls Act 1996.

If you or your business are planning any construction, repair or excavation work near to a party wall or structure, it is vital that these plans are fully compliant with the party wall legal framework.

Similarly, your rights regarding party walls or structures on your property may be affected by a neighbouring land owner’s work.

The legal framework covers different kinds of work on party walls:

  • Repairs and alterations to an existing party wall.
  • Construction of a new party wall along a boundary.
  • Excavations within certain distances of a party wall.

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The Party Walls Act 1996

The Act details the range of structures which are subject to the party wall provisions.

These include:

  • Free-standing walls, such as a perimeter wall (although fences are not included).
  • Shared walls of a building.
  • ‘Party structures’, such as the floor/ceiling between offices in a tower block.

Party walls commonly run along the boundary between properties. However, in certain situations, the party wall legislation may apply to walls which are completely on your land or on adjacent land.

Surveyors and the party wall award

Appointing a specialist surveyor is a vital part of the party wall process. The parties in dispute can appoint a surveyor together or each appoint their own. This can serve to limit your liability and give you recourse should damage occur as a result of the work.

Once appointed, the surveyor (or surveyors working together) will produce a document called a party wall award. This will regulate many aspects of the work to be carried out, including:

  • Rights and responsibilities of the parties involved
  • The extent of the work being conducted
  • The schedule and working hours
  • What is to happen in the event of complications with the work
  • The condition of each party’s property before the works commence

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