There is a lot at stake in many residential property disputes. A residential property often represents a significant asset, whether it is your residence, your only investment property or it is part of a portfolio of thousands. Apart from any financial value, a residential property is generally someone’s home – something which is a hugely important part of private life, and often engenders a strong sense of ownership, whether this is supported by legal rights or not.

With so much at risk, on all sides, residential property disputes can often turn bitter and intractable. This makes it all the more critical to get the right legal representation and advice.

Luscombe Gray specialises in all forms of property litigation and disputes. We can call upon many years of experience and legal expertise to ensure that your legal rights are protected and that residential property disputes are resolved as painlessly and effectively as possible.

We firmly believe in taking an ethical approach. We find that needlessly aggressive behaviour in property litigation is rarely productive, causing a wider rift between the parties, and risking greater financial harm. Luscombe Gray does things differently. Our strong, respectful approach yields more options for dispute resolution, such as mediation, which can be used where appropriate. This means the costs, and the disruption to your life and business, can be kept to a minimum.

Luscombe Gray can help with a wide variety of residential property issues including:

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Ownership of, and investment in, residential property frequently involves relying upon property professionals and their expertise. If a solicitor, surveyor, valuer or other property expert has fallen short of their professional obligations, Luscombe Gray may be able to assist you to make a professional negligence claim against them. This may be the only way to secure redress for the financial damage they have caused.

Instructing Luscombe Gray

Luscombe Gray is a boutique property litigation firm, providing a legal service tailored to the needs of our clients.

We believe first-class commercial legal support should be available to everyone. We can help whether you need advice as an individual homeowner, or on behalf of your business. No matter how many residential properties you or your organisation own – we are more than willing to provide our services and put our specialist skill and knowledge at your disposal.

Your case will be handled by Chris Luscombe personally, so you can be certain that you or your business will be able to call upon the expertise of an experienced property litigation solicitor. Throughout his career, Chris has helped a wide range off businesses and private clients with their commercial and residential property disputes, including small businesses, national pub companies, and multi-national telecoms giants.

Luscombe Gray is based in the heart of Yorkshire, in Harrogate, with the reach to assist clients across the country.

If you or your business needs legal support concerning a residential property dispute, contact Luscombe Gray for clear, ethical, expert advice.

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