When a landlord/tenant relationship breaks down, a landlord may feel it necessary to take back possession of the property. Commercial property is a valuable asset and recovering control of the property is one way to ensure it does not come to further harm from the tenant’s occupation.

In certain situations, landlords may be able to recover possession of a property through forfeiting the lease.

Alternatively, a possession claim may be required to recover control of a property from squatters or trespassers. It is possible for squatters or occupiers of the land to gain certain ownership rights through adverse possession so positive action may be required to enforce your own rights over the property.

Conducting a possession claim is a very challenging area of law to understand. Luscombe Gray can advise and assist you in all aspects of a possession claim.

Luscombe Gray was founded to give a unique and effective legal service to clients facing commercial property issues. We take a firm ethical approach to handling your case – a huge difference from the needlessly antagonistic methods employed by many litigation firms.

We put your business at the heart of our approach, and if conciliatory means, such as mediation and early negotiation, are in your best interests we will say so. We will enforce and protect the rights of your business tenaciously, achieving the best possible outcome for your business.

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Instructing Luscombe Gray

Luscombe Gray is a boutique commercial property litigation firm, providing a legal service tailored to the needs of our clients.

We believe first-class commercial legal support should be available to all organisations. Whatever the size of your business, we are more than willing to provide our services and put our specialist skill and knowledge at your disposal.

Your case will be handled by Chris Luscombe personally, so you can be certain that your business will be able to call upon the expertise of an experienced commercial property litigation solicitor. Throughout his career, Chris has helped a wide range of businesses with their commercial property disputes, from small businesses, to national pub companies, to multi-national telecoms giants.

Luscombe Gray is based in the heart of Yorkshire, in Harrogate, with the reach to assist clients across the country.

If your business needs legal support regarding a possession claim, contact Luscombe Gray for clear, ethical, expert advice.

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